Born: March 29, 1897
Died: 1967
Father: William George Herbert CROSS
Mother: Mother: Aurora ZAPATA ANDERSON

Alice Winifred was born in San Juan del Sur on March 29, 1897. She lived with her sister Conchita for some time and later left to join Aunt Maude (her paternal aunt) in Canada.

She subsequently married Leonard W. Robinson, in 1926, and they had 3 children.

  • Stanley Carver, born 1927, who married Marjorie Morin and had 4 children;
  • Barbara Jean, born in 1929, who married Wesley Stewart and had 5 children;
  • Alice's youngest child was Josephine Maude, born in 1932.  She married Arnold Klotz and had 2 children.

They all lived in Canada throughout their lifetimes, and in close proximity to Maude and  Etheldreda (sisters to William CROSS ). Upon their deaths (Alice, Leonard, Maude, and Ethel), all were buried in a family plot in the Kelowna Cemetery.


*Most of this information was provided by William Michaelsen.

Created by Edgar H. Cross