Born: July 29, 1895
Died: May 18, 1957
Father: William George Herbert CROSS
Mother: Mother: Aurora ZAPATA ANDERSON

Anne Maria (Annie) was born in San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua on July 29, 1895. She was named after Williamís mom, Anne Maria Russell. She lived with her sister Conchita and family until her marriage to Earl Grose in 1918 in Canal Zone, Panama.

At first she and her husband lived in Army quarters at Fort Amador until his discharge in 1920. Their first child, Ethelmay, was born May 28, 1919 in Ancon Hospital in Panama. Shortly afterwards they went to New York where they stayed with Nellie and Jim, and then went to East Pittsburgh.

They had 4 children: Ethelmay, who married John Rose; Pearl, who married Jim Handler; Anita, who married John Daly; and Perry, who married Sue Wagner.

Annie died on May 18, 1957 and Earl Grose died February 2, 1966


*Most of this information was provided by William Michaelsen.

Created by Edgar H. Cross