Born: May 19, 1889 Tampico, Mexico
Died: 1984
Father: William George Herbert CROSS
Mother: Mother: Aurora ZAPATA ANDERSON
Married: Jim CONWAY Date: 1918

Nellie was born on May 19, 1889 in Tampico, Mexico.  She lived with her sister Conchita and her family along with her other sister Annie until her marriage to Jim Conway in 1918.

Jim and Nellie moved to the United States in 1919. They had one daughter Alice Mary, who was born in New York in 1922. Jim Conway died in 1924 and Nellie and Alice Mary returned to Panama and lived, once again with Conchita and her family in the Canal Zone for one year and then returned to NY.

Eventually, Nellie married William Goebel, a widower with one child, Alice. William Goebel died in 1963. Alice Mary became a Catholic nun who subsequently received a doctorate degree from Notre Dame University and was Superintendent of a Catholic school in New York. She died in a tragic automobile accident in 1971. Aunt Nellie died in 1984 at age 95.


*Most of this information was provided by William Michaelsen.


Created by Edgar H. Cross