William FADEN (AFN.1L8H-B9Q)

Born: 1712 Place: Charing Cross, London, England
Died: 23 May 1783 Place: Lambeth St. Mary, London.

I have very little information on the Faden family.  I know they lived in London where John RUSSELL III R.A. met them and later married their daughter Hannah in 1770.  Hannah’s father was William FADEN and was born in 1712 in Charing Cross, London, and died on May 23, 1783 in Lambeth St. Mary, London.

I know of 3 children of William FADEN:

  1. Hannah (AFN.1L8H-BC5)
  2. William (AFN.1L8H-BDC).  Born approximately in 1747 in Charing Cross, London.
  3. Judith (AFN.1L8H-BFK). Born approximately in 1749 in Charing Cross, London.



Created by Edgar H. Cross